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Keystone Symposia: Transcription and RNA Regulation in Inflammation and Immunity

2nd February 2019   -   5th February 2019
Lake Tahoe, California, United States


The immune system is a heavily armed but carefully tuned defense that must mount protective responses against invading pathogens, while at the same time avoiding excessive inflammation and inappropriate responses that can lead to severe tissue damage and disease. Properly regulated immune responses are the result of a complex interplay between chromatin modifications, transcription factors and post-transcriptional regulators that operate collectively within each cell to regulate the gene expression programs that control immune cell differentiation, maintenance of cell identity, and the orchestration of functional responses in a dynamic environment. Recent technical advances in genomics and single-cell analyses have brought new ideas and perspectives to investigation of the regulation of gene expression, and our understanding of the mechanisms and regulatory networks that operate in the immune system is advancing at an unprecedented rate. This conference will be important to define the most impactful open questions and future challenges in the field of transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of immune cells, and it will bring together rapidly expanding and evolving communities. The exchange of scientific knowledge and technical capabilities will foster opportunities for collaborations and interdisciplinary interactions among groups of scientists working on disparate aspects of regulation of gene expression in inflammation and immunity, highlighting the latest innovations and discoveries while shaping future directions for the field.

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