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EMBO Workshop — Bridging cell and tissue mechanics to fate specification in development

2nd April 2019   -   5th April 2019
Santiago, Chile


This EMBO Workshop will bring together a cross-disciplinary collection of researchers from cell and developmental biology, tissue biophysics and theoretical physics, with the overarching goal of understanding how cells build tissues across scales during development. The workshop aims to establish mechanistic links between cell/tissue mechanics and cell fate specification during development, providing a forum for scientific interactions, the cross-fertilization of ideas, the fostering of new collaborations and the development of strategies to address emerging technical needs and close existing gaps in knowledge. The scientific content will thematically progress from cellular mechanics, to mechanics of tissue morphogenesis, to the integration of mechanics with cell fate, and ending with addressing how cell fate and self-organization can be coupled in an emergent tissue. In addition to the invited speakers, selected abstracts will be chosen for short talks and presented during poster sessions.

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