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EMBO Workshop — Genome dynamics in neuroscience and aging

7th April 2019   -   11th April 2019
Herzliya, Israel


Genome stability, which is essential for cellular homeostasis, relies primarily on the DNA damage response network. Genome stability is also essential to the proper functioning of the nervous system, evidenced by the prominence of neurodegeneration in many genome instability syndromes. Recent evidence suggests a broader role of genome stability in human health, one that affects aging and common chronic morbidities. Genome Dynamics in Neuroscience and Aging (GDNA) is an interdisciplinary EMBO workshop bringing together researchers of the DNA damage response, neuroscience, aging, cell senescence, mitochondrial function, and metabolism to discuss the links between genome stability and these aspects of human physiology, and the impact of genome instability on them and on longevity.