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EMBO Workshop — Emerging concepts of the neuronal cytoskeleton

14th April 2019   -   18th April 2019
Villarrica, Chile


This is the fifth edition of a long-running workshop intended to expose local students and fellows to cutting edge research in the neuronal cytoskeleton field, and to help them forge closer ties with the international community that would lead to future opportunities Cytoskeletal dynamics is at the core of the most essential questions in cellular neurobiology, such as mechanisms of axon growth in development and in response to injury, or mechanisms of synapse formation and stabilization. It is also a key element of intracellular transport, which is critical for axonal development and neurotrophic signaling, but which is also disrupted in many, if not all neurodegenerative diseases. Consequently, the cytoskeleton in neurons is a promising and emerging target for the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat neurodegenerative diseases and to promote axon regeneration after traumatic injury. Recent advances in imaging, genetics and cell-molecular biology have catalyzed exciting new progress. However, fundamental questions about how neuronal cytoskeletal assembly, functions and dysfunction is orchestrated remain unanswered. In this workshop we will explore the latest findings on this exciting topic and will address several features involved in cytoskeleton function in nerve cells such its role in trafficking and transport, neuronal polarity, axonal guidance and neuronal migration, as microtubules amongst others. In this new edition of our workshop we will dedicate a special session to the use of super-resolution microscopy techniques in the study of neuronal functions. Also, we are very excited that in addition microtubules, actin microfilaments and neurofilaments, the role of septins, ankyrins and spectrins in neurons will be discussed.

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