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EMBO Workshop — Chromosome segregation and aneuploidy

11th May 2019   -   15th May 2019
Cascais, Portugal


This EMBO Workshop is the premier venue to bring together the fields converging on aneuploidy, including chromosome copy number variation, chromosomal abnormalities, chromosome missegregation, and mitotic failure. Aneuploidy is one of the most prominent hallmarks of cancers, yet a causative role is still a matter of active research. Further, inborn chromosome number imbalance such as in trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) or XYY syndrome are a direct consequence of germ-line derived chromosome segregation defects. Mechanisms of chromosome segregation and failure thereof has its origins in many aspects of the cell division cycle that include chromosome architecture, chromosome conhesion and condensation, centromere and kinetochore assembly, spindle function, and centriole and centrosome function. This workshop aims to interface between these fields. We mix basic, fundamentals with applied and preclinical work in an open friendly environment, bringing together scientists from all career levels, from anywhere in the world in an intimate venue mixing short talks and posters with main presentations by world experts.