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EMBO Workshop — ThymE: T cell and thymus biology

19th May 2019   -   24th May 2019
Rehovot, Israel


The thymus provides a specialized microenvironment for thymocyte development. This complex process ensures the production of a diverse repertoire of T cells capable of protecting their host from an endless array of pathogens, while maintaining tolerance to self-antigens. In recent years, dramatic advances in genomic technologies have shed light upon the development, regulation and function of various T cell populations in the thymus and immune periphery, including rare populations whose characterization and manipulation have not been possible until recently. During this EMBO Workshop, that will take place at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, the key leaders of T cell and thymus immunology research will come together to share and discuss the most recent and unpublished advances in fields such as Thymus organogenesis; Development and/or selection of T cells in the thymus; Development and function of other lymphoid and/or stromal populations in the thymus; T cell-mediated self-tolerance and autoimmunity; T cell differentiation and T cell-mediated responses in the periphery, T cell metabolism; T cell-based immunotherapies and more. We are privileged to host two keynote speakers; Dr. Adrian Hayday (Crick Institute, UK) and Dr. Crystal Mackall (Stanford University, USA).

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