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EMBO Workshop — Neural guidance molecules in development and disease

25th May 2019   -   28th May 2019
Baveno, Italy


Neuronal guidance molecules, beyond their recognized role in axon guidance, are now implicated in a variety of processes ranging from neural circuit development and plasticity, to angiogenesis and immune response. Furthermore, it has become clear that changes in expression, function, or activity of these proteins might lead to pathologies ranging from neurological disorders to cancer, and diseases of the immune and circulatory systems. For these reasons, this EMBO Workshop is designed to bring together senior and junior researchers who investigate diverse guidance signaling pathways implicated in development and disease. These include for example those elicited by Semaphorins, Ephrins, Netrins, Hedgehog, adhesive substrates, and also many other extracellular cues that control cell behavior in normal and pathological tissues. We anticipate this EMBO Workshop will provide an outstanding venue to enhance research efforts in several fields that have much to teach each other, but often do not find suitable forums for productive cross-disciplinary interactions.

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