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ICCST — International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology

21st September 2015 - 24th September 2015
Taipei, Taiwan


The ICCST is directed toward the research and development aspects of electronic security technology, including the operational testing of the technology.  It establishes a forum for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information on both new and existing technology. Conference participants are stimulated to consider the impact of their work on society. The Conference is an interchange of knowledge through the presentation of learned papers that have been selected by the ICCST organizing committee. This annual conference is the world's longest-running, international technical symposium on security technology. It is a forum for collaboration on all aspects of physical, cyber and electronic security research, development, systems, engineering, testing, evaluation, operations and sustainment. The IEEE ICCST facilitates the exchange of ideas and sharing of information on both new and existing technology and systems. Conference participants are encouraged to consider the impact of their work on society. The IEEE ICCST provides a foundation for support to authorities and agencies responsible for security, safety and law enforcement in the use of available and future technology. Papers for presentation at the conference should address one or more of the following topics on security technology. Papers on other relevant topics will also be considered.

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