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Gordon Research Conference — Translational Cancer Genomics

30th June 2019   -   5th July 2019
Hong Kong, China


Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. The advent of high-throughput next-generation sequencing technologies has revealed the genomic landscapes of somatic genetic alterations, including point mutations, copy number alterations and structural variations, in major cancer types. These high-throughput techniques have also unraveled previously undiscerned alterations at transcriptomic, epigenomic and even metagenomic levels. Importantly, utilization of such “big data” for molecular typing now becomes feasible with evolving molecular disease classification and new markers for prognostication and predicting treatment response under development. These discoveries are also expected to fuel the continued development of targeted therapies. It is hopeful that such advancements will accelerate our understanding of cancer biology and the development of new treatment for personalized intervention, and thus improve the standard of care in oncology practice. This program includes presentations by world-renowned speakers from the United States, Mainland China, Germany, France, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong on the latest findings on different aspects of translational cancer genomics, including genome-based cancer typing, genomic and transcriptomic instability, genomic landscapes of major Asian cancers, computational genomics, cancer epigenomics, and cancer metagenomics. Utilization of genomic data for directing cancer patient management supported by the latest results from genomics-driven clinical trials will also be discussed. The conference not only seeks to capture the state-of-the-art developments in cancer genomics with particular emphases on their potential clinical utilities, but also serves as a platform for cultivating international collaboration among cancer clinicians and scientists around the world to create a joint effort for promoting clinical utilization of cancer genomic data.