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Gordon Research Conference — Epigenetics

21st July 2019   -   26th July 2019
Holderness School, Holderness, NH, United States


The epigenetics field stands on a strong foundation based on analysis of deviations from genetic rules. In recent years, we have witnessed an ever-growing interest in the mechanisms underlying epigenetic phenomena, along with novel approaches to study them. At our 2019 GRC on Epigenetics, we will cover fundamental aspects of epigenetic memory and inheritance, genome evolution, and the regulatory impact of repetitive elements, as well as our current understanding of the principles of nuclear organization and gene regulation. These topics will include environmental influences and novel biophysical and quantitative approaches, and will feature different model systems and experimental strategies. This biennial GRC conference, which was launched in 1995, is highly valued by the Epigenetics field. The meeting gathers leaders and trainees in the field and is renowned for presentations of exciting new findings pre-publication and dynamic and fruitful discussions throughout the conference. The relaxed environment fosters informal interactions between established leaders in the field and the younger generation of students and postdocs. The traditional GRC format will be preceded by a 2-day Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), a new conference for young scientists. The GRS is organized and attended by graduate students and postdocs, with established researchers invited only as keynote speakers, panel participants, or in an advisory role. We look forward to a "breadth-taking" meeting, and look forward to your participation!

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