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International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders 2019

6th May 2019   -   8th May 2019
London , England, United Kingdom


We are a platform dedicated to expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas, advancing wellbeing and the prevention and treatment of Behavioural, Mental, and Emotional Health issues. Through our communications network and ongoing series of Global Conferences we facilitate open dialogue, learning and skills acquisition to influence best practice worldwide in the expert treatment of increasingly common conditions affecting individuals in every country. It is now more important than ever that not only professionals in the field are able to network and share their findings - but that our breadth and variety of audience are able to take the sum of their experiences back into their own communities, businesses and areas of influence. We coordinate presentations from a wide range of academics, researchers and practitioners, mixed with contributions from thinkers and disrupters from many other business and community sectors - to achieve the world’s most diverse gatherings of individuals directly or indirectly involved with Behavioural, Mental and Emotional Health. We have facilitated numerous conferences including in London, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Stockholm, Reykjavik and Istanbul; our 2018/2019 schedule sees us returning to all these locations and adding Amsterdam and Dublin to our destinations. We have also arranged bespoke conferences and trainings for schools and charities. Behavioural, Mental and Emotional health issues are saturating news headlines today.