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Gordon Research Conference — Lysosomal Diseases

3rd March 2019   -   8th March 2019
Galveston, TX, United States


While critical for recycling effete structures and materials that allow essential macromolecules to be refashioned, the lysosome lies at the heart of the cell. By engaging in the most dynamic processes in cell biology, including endocytosis, exocytosis and autophagy, and with a key role in nutrient sensing, the acidic lysosomal compartment is central to cellular homeostasis. Additionally, lysosomes are differentially positioned within the cell to provide unique functions that they support, and traffic between cell regions. These myriad of functionalities help explain the broad spectrum of pathologies induced when proteins important for normal lysosome function are impaired. This GRC sets out to embrace the research into lysosomal diseases in a manner that engages interdisciplinary researchers who focus on molecular and cellular pathogenesis and the development of tools to understand lysosome function; it will be a forum for those who harness this knowledge for therapeutic innovation - and those who desire a more comprehensive understanding of this intriguing organelle and its complex biology. This fifth GRC on lysosomal diseases will be held at the renowned GRC site: Galveston is a capacious venue with a grand hotel setting in coastal Texas. Here, like-minded scientists can share their work in a relaxed environment and celebrate the fascination and importance of an adventurous and burgeoning field of biomedical research.

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