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Power Pivot and Power Query 101 [BI tool] 2019

30th January 2019   -   30th January 2019
Fremont - Webinar, United States


Power Pivot and Power Query are free addins for Excel, written by Microsoft (in fact in Excel 2016 and later Power Query is built into the application and not an addin at all). Power Pivot puts the "power" into Pivot Tables (hence the name!), removing many of limitations and frustrations that many advanced users find with Pivot Tables (such as creating pivot tables from multiple lists and creating pivot tables from large datasets) Power Query is used to import data into Excel from other sources (such as CSV files, text files, web pages, databases or SharePoint) and then clean that data to make it useable (cleaning refers to things like removing duplicate rows, removing blank rows, removing unnecessary columns, converting case, changing date formats and more).

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