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The 1st TMS Summit on Integrated Manufacturing and Materials Innovations

15th November 2015 - 18th November 2015
Pittsburgh, United States


Mounting pressure to move advanced products out the door faster, cheaper and at a higher quality than the competition has given rise to numerous initiatives throughout the world focused on innovations in manufacturing. Providing a forum where scientists, engineers, and decision makers across disciplines and organizations can interact, report, and develop productive linkages is the intent of the 1st TMS Summit on Integrated Manufacturing and Materials Innovations. The summit will take place November 15–18, 2015, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The inaugural summit will examine solutions for applications in both established and emerging industries. The key technical theme will be the integration of materials and manufacturing innovations. This forum will provide an intimate environment for rich discussions and interactions to not only assess the state-of-the-art in materials-related manufacturing innovations, but also to roadmap the key areas of future directions for the field.

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