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Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists 22nd Annual Echo Week Meeting 2019

17th February 2019   -   22nd February 2019
Atlanta , Georgia, United States[G]Containers/SCA/railmenucontainer&SkinSrc;=[G]Skins/SCA/eventsdetails


The outcome of patients with cardiovascular disease will be measurably improved due to the care of physicians who have been inspired and supported by the programs and initiatives of the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (SCA). SCA is renowned worldwide for providing education in cardiovascular and thoracic (CVT) anesthesiology and perioperative care. Its members are called upon for leadership training and mentorship. Recognized as subspecialists by subspecialty board certification, SCA physicians are experts with whom healthcare professionals and hospital administrators consult for advice about managing systems of care for patients with cardiovascular and thoracic disease. SCA partners with other medical and surgical specialties as perioperative medicine experts. As a leader and expert in perioperative medicine, the SCA works with the public and partners with other medical and surgical specialties to promote clinical practice and safety standards.