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American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery 35th Annual Educational Meeting 2019

26th April 2019   -   29th April 2019
Newport Beach , California, United States


In the 1970-s Richard Webster rated breast implant surgery highest in patient satisfaction over all other cosmetic operations. Even now with careful selection of patient and technique, it can still be the leader. Many of our patients who are greatly improved in appearance and self-esteem say that after more than ten years, their husbands are unaware that they have had cosmetic breast surgery. Results like these that look and feel normal without visible scars are now still being obtained with the implants available. This workshop is dedicated to the goal of achieving this kind of result for every patient. The emphasis of this program is on the unchanging foundation of knowledge necessary for the judgment that is needed for the performance of the highest quality of surgery. It is the purpose of this workshop to provide instruction, training, and a forum for the free interchange of ideas to improve our knowledge of cosmetic breast surgery. The fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and management of complications are presented. The use of saline, silicone, textured and smooth breast implants, including for reconstruction after mastectomy and the avoidance of problems with these implants, will be discussed and openly debated. The basic seminar consists of lectures, demonstrations, panel discussions, and videos of surgical procedures covering all approaches to breast implant surgery and the management of complications. There is cadaver dissection demonstration and observation of live surgery with opportunity for study of anatomy, from lectures and dissection taught and supervised by a university anatomist as well as the most experienced surgeons. Problem questions and participation in discussion are welcome. Several surgeries of various types are planned at the end of the seminar, with different surgeons performing the surgeries.