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Dutch Society of Cardiology Spring Congress 2019

11th April 2019   -   12th April 2019
Rotterdam, Netherlands


The Dutch Society for Cardiology unites cardiologists and other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease and acts on their behalf in policy making in the area of ​​cardio-vascular care in the full extent of the field. To be able to carry out this mission, the NVVC is facilitating, stimulating and guiding, and seeks cooperation with those institutions / agencies that can contribute to the development of the quality of cardiovascular care in the Netherlands. The NVVC is of the opinion that every resident in the Netherlands is entitled to and access to good, safe, efficient and innovative care and all members make a substantial contribution to this by providing excellent care. This is reflected in the results in which the care provided is visible and transparent. In this way, accountability is given to the patient and society. The NVVC sees it as its task to facilitate and stimulate the professional in the quality development in an independent manner. A good education, the exchange of information, the realization of encounters for the formation of opinions and the exchange of experiences, but also the registration, development of guidelines, indicators, volume standards and accreditation are essential here. The NVVC ensures that the attention for high-quality cardiology care is permanently present, both for health care professionals and external parties such as the government. The NVVC wants to lead the way in the development of quality policy within the Federation of Medical Specialists Netherlands in collaboration with other scientific associations. In addition, the NVVC has a substantial input into the policy for prevention, acute and elective care and the care for the chronically ill in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

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