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Society For Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting 2019

8th May 2019   -   8th May 2019
Chicago , IL, United States


2019 SID Abstract Categories Adaptive and Auto-Immunity – Studies of adaptive immune responses involving T and B lymphocytes, dendritic cells, other­ antigen presenting cells, and antigen processing and presentation; Basic and pre-clinical experimental studies focused on autoimmunity Carcinogenesis and Cancer Genetics – Studies on the genetics and other causes of cancer as well as mechanisms relevant to ­metastasis­ (Abstracts on therapeutics and clinical trials in skin cancer should be submitted to Translational Studies) Epidemiology – Epidemiological research on any aspect of skin disease Epidermal Structure and Barrier Function – Research on the components or regulation of keratinocyte proliferation, differentiation, including epidermal barrier function Genetic Disease, Gene Regulation and Gene Therapy – Studies on cutaneous gene expression and genetic diseases including gene therapy (Cancer-related genetic studies are more appropriate for Carcinogenesis and Cancer Genetics) Growth Factors, Cell Adhesion and Matrix Biology – Studies on growth factors and the interactions of cells with their local cellular and extracellular environment that affect signaling, adhesion, migration and development Innate Immunity, Microbiology, Microbiome – Studies of cells, receptors and effector molecules of the innate immune response; studies on skin microbes, microbiome and infectious processes of the skin Interventional Studies, Clinical and Patient Reported Outcomes – Studies involving interventional trials, clinical outcomes and patient reported outcomes research Neuro-Cutaneous Biology and Inflammation – Basic, pre-clinical and clinical studies on skin inflammation, crosstalk between the nervous and immune systems, and the relationship between cutaneous nerves and all aspects of skin biology including itch, pain, skin homeostasis and development Pharmacology and Drug Development – Basic and preclinical studies aimed at developing therapeutics, elucidating their mechanisms of action, and identifying biomarkers of drug activity Photobiology – Studies on biological, biochemical, and molecular responses to ultraviolet radiation in cells, animals and humans Pigmentation and Melanoma – Studies on all aspects of cutaneous and extracutaneous pigmentation; molecular cellular and biological facets of melanoma. (Genetic studies on melanoma should be considered for the category Carcinogenesis and Cancer Genetics) Skin, Appendages, and Stem Cell Biology – Studies on the hair follicle, sebaceous gland, and other skin appendages; developmental biology of skin and hair; roles of stem cells in pre and post-natal growth and development Skin of Color – Studies of the pathogenesis or treatment of skin diseases that disproportionately affect patients from, or are more severe in their manifestation in, racial/ethnic groups with skin of color; such as keloids, scarring alopecias, disorders of pigmentation, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, among others Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing – Wound healing and regeneration studies; processes/signaling that regulate vascular development and angiogenesis; interactions between different skin components (epithelial cells, dermal cells, nerves, vasculature, melanocytes, fat) in homeostasis and regeneration Translational Studies – Including studies involving ­human tissue and human cells including biomarker studies that furthers our understanding of ­skin disease

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