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10th May 2019   -   11th May 2019
Berlin, Germany


From 1.1.2019 on, I take over the management of the Medical Clinic I at the Sana Clinic Berlin-Lichtenberg. Therefore, I am very pleased that you, together with my predecessors, have invited Professor Dr. Ing. H.-J. Schulz and PD Dr. med. D. Hartmann to endoscopy live in 2019 to Berlin. Endoscopy-Live has been one of the largest German endoscopy conferences for years and is aimed at in-patient colleagues, clinically active internists, gastroenterologists and surgeons as well as the endoscopy assistants that are indispensable for us. Also this year, we will broadcast on Friday live demonstrations of endoscopic interventions from the base to high-end surgery from the Sana Klinikum Lichtenberg. These live examinations are carried out by nationally and internationally renowned experts and supported and professionally supported by the team of the Sana Hospital Lichtenberg. Additional highlights on Friday will be 2 lectures on "Colonoscopy Preparation" and "New Drugs in Gastroenterology". On Saturday, further lectures on current and exciting topics in gastroenterology and endoscopy will be framed by the highlights of the live examinations of the previous day. Among other things, the histological results of the preparations and resected specimens obtained the day before are demonstrated and thus the final result of the performed procedures together with the experts and you are critically evaluated. During the entire congress, you have, of course, the opportunity to get in contact with our industrial partners in our large-scale exhibition and to find out about the wide range of tried and tested but also innovative new products. With best regards, also from my co-organizers H.-J. Schulz and PD D. Hartmann and the entire team of Endoscopy-Live, I am looking forward to your coming and an exciting Capital Endoscopy Congress 2019!

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