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Hungarian Society of Gastroenterology 61st Congress 2019

1st June 2019   -   4th June 2019
Erkel Ferenc u. 2/C, Hungary


Dear Addressee! We are pleased to announce that the Hungarian Society of Medical Associations (MOTESZ) organizes the Hungarian Medical Days for the fifth time this year, and we are very pleased to invite you! This year, at the initiative of the Medical Division of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the summaries of clinical scientific results of MEDICINA branches represented by our professional companies are being discussed. At this two-day conference, our 16 member companies can present the status, results, plans and concerns of the discipline they represent. On the afternoon of the first day, the participants can find out about the situation in Hungary about prevention and information.The character of outstanding performers guarantees the high and outstanding quality of the colorful and varied program.However, the event is free of registration!

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