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Gordon Research Conference — Pancreatic Diseases

16th June 2019   -   21st June 2019
Newry, ME, United States


The distinctive concept of this Gordon Research Conference (GRC) is to bring together basic and physician scientists at the forefront of research in all aspects of pancreatic diseases, including diabetes, pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis. Given the close developmental and physiological relatedness of pancreatic exocrine and endocrine cells and the significant epidemiological association between pancreatic cancer and diabetes, this GRC will serve as a forum for scientific exchange across fields and disciplines. The conference is unique in that it is the only conference that aims to link the understanding of the biology of the exocrine and endocrine pancreas to applications for human diseases. Specific topics to be explored at this GRC include cell-cell signaling networks and microenvironmental influences on cell behavior, the impact of systemic factors on the pancreatic microenvironment, the role of immune cells in pancreatic diseases, cell plasticity and regeneration, as well as genetic causes of pancreatic cancer and diabetes. By providing a forum for the presentation and discussion of cutting edge, unpublished concepts and approaches, the goal of this GRC is to stimulate discussion across fields and disciplines. This exchange will foster interdisciplinary approaches in the field and promote exchange of ideas and experiences to lead to new collaborations, as well as empower young scientists to showcase their work to peers and leaders in the field.

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