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3rd Annual Arab International Pharmacy Conference

30th March 2019   -   31st March 2019
Cairo, Egypt


The Arab Association of pharmacy progress welcomes you to lts 3rd Arab International Pharmacy Conference, at InterContinental Citystars Cairo during 30-31 March, 2019.Under the title of: ‘‘Non- Communicable diseases, their risk factors, management and treatment”. – The incidence and prevalence of Non – Communicable Diseases ‘‘NCD” such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases continues to rise in the Arab world and elsewhere leading to increasing rates of modality and great health care burdens specially in developing countries. According to the WHO, our understanding and the theraputic options remain in need for more efforts. it is therefore imperative that our level of knowledge and understanding be Increased and this will require a multi-pronged approach to adequately address it from prevention, Management, treatment and research perspectives. – The Conference is keen to review current knowledge of “NCD” from various aspects, determine knowledge gaps to be filled by future research, foster exchange between leader scientists In the field,engage young Investigators and finally to foster research collaboration. – Looking forward to seeing you in the 3rd Arab International Pharmacy Conference in Cairo, 2019. Arab Association of Pharmacy Process.