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Gordon Research Conference — Computer Aided Drug Design

14th July 2019   -   19th July 2019
Mount Snow, West Dover, VT, United States


The 2019 CADD Gordon Conference will focus on recent advances at the intersection of Big Data, Small Molecules and Macromolecular Protein Structures. CADD is a rapidly evolving field at the interface between the world of small molecules, an increasingly deep understanding of macromolecular protein structures and the potential of big data and corresponding analytical methods to marry these scales. The vision of this year’s conference is to align our fundamental strengths with the promises of machine learning and new insights gained from experiments such as cryoEM. The conference will emphasize novel computational methods paired with applications in real world settings. Recent highlights from data visualization, innovative approaches on how we should gauge forecasts from predictive sciences, and applications of machine learning in drug discovery will be featured. In an effort to shorten the timelines to deliver safe molecules with desirable pharmacokinetic properties to the clinic, there will be a session on the application of in silico ADMET modeling with a focus on discovery activities. The conference will also offer how accessing, hitherto inaccessible, macromolecular structures via cryoEM is advancing the field. The program is designed to celebrate success stories, share and learn from various challenges that the field faces, emphasize recent highlights and creative approaches. The conference will bring together top-class international scientists and researchers. In the spirit of the GRC, every talk in the program will have an element of unpublished work. We encourage applicants to submit abstracts for poster presentations, as a few posters will be selected for "poster preview" talks. Further, posters are an essential part of the GRC program that generates discussion and interaction among the conference attendees. The 2019 CADD GRC will continue the tradition of outstanding science presented in a relaxed atmosphere infused with a variety of social activities. We thank you for your interest in the CADD GRC and welcome your application.