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NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conference on The Cahn-Hilliard Equation: Recent Advances and Applications

20th May 2019   -   24th May 2019
Burns, United States


Professor Alain Miranville of the University of Poitiers (France) will deliver the main lecture series. Professor Miranville is an international expert in CH-type equations and applications and a world renowned expositor and lecturer. Miranville-s ten lectures will take the participants on a journey through the subject beginning with the derivation of the equation and associated boundary conditions, through the analysis of the problems, numerical methods, and ending with cutting edge applications of Cahn-Hilliard (CH) type equations in fluid dynamics, image inpainting, and tumor growth. The proposed lectures and panel discussions heavily emphasize open research problems across multiple scientific fields. The discovery that tumor growth can be effectively modeled using CH-type equations is recent and holds great promise. Applications in fluid dynamics and inpainting are equally promising and will be presented.