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57th ISFE — Fifty-seventh International Symposium on Functional Equations

2nd June 2019   -   9th June 2019
Jastarnia, Poland


The symposium is devoted to functional equations and inequalities, mean values, equations on algebraic structures, Hyers-Ulam stability, regularity properties of solutions, conditional equations, iteration theory, and their applications to the natural, social and behavioral sciences. Participation is by invitation only. Those wishing to attend the 57th ISFE should send information on their scientific interest and, preferably, publications, together with their postal and e-mail addresses to Maciej Sablik, Institute of Mathematics, University of Silesia, Bankowa 14, 40-007 Katowice, Poland; by November 1, 2018. Organizing Committee: Witold Jarczyk (chairman), Dorota Głazowska, Justyna Jarczyk, Pawel Solarz. Scientific Committee: G.L. Forti, R. Ger, Zs. P?les, M. Sablik (chairman), J. Schwaiger, A. Sklar, J. Acz?l (honorary chairman), Z. Dar?czy, J. R?tz, L. Reich (honorary members). Information: