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Rational Points 2019 — Workshop at Franken-Akademie Schloss Schney

14th July 2019   -   20th July 2019
Franken-Akademie Schloss Schney, Germany


In the tradition of the earlier events, this workshop aims at bringing together the leading experts in the field, covering a broad spectrum reaching from the more theoretically-oriented over the explicit to the algorithmic aspects. The fundamental problem motivating the workshop asks for a description of the set of rational points X(Q) for a given algebraic variety X defined over Q. When X is a curve, the structure of this set is known, and the most interesting question is how to determine it explicitly for a given curve. When X is higher-dimensional, much less is known about the structure of X(Q), even when X is a surface. So here the open questions are much more basic for our understanding of the situation, and on the algorithmic side, the focus is on trying to decide if a given variety does have any rational point at all.