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Conference of the Austrian Mathematical Society — Minisymposia

16th September 2019   -   20th September 2019
Dornbirn, Austria


The call for minisymposia is extended (deadline is 31.01.2019). Minisymposia can be proposed by potential organizers; proposals should be sent to the program comittee (chair: Karl Unterkofler). The rules for proposing a minisymposium are: A minisymposium is a coordinated meeting consisting of research presentations on particular topics of current research interest. Because of the limited number of available rooms and the large number of sections there will only be a very small number of minisymposia (6-8 at most). Minisymposia have to be proposed by potential organizers. A proposal should contain a title, the name(s) of the organizer(s), a short description of the main topics, a list of potential speakers (6-15 talks, these speakers need not have confirmed participation). The organizers are responsible for providing a list of speakers to the organizers of the conference. All speakers and organizers of a minisymposium have to be registered participants of the conference and have to pay the registration fee. Minisymposia do not receive any funding from the conference. The deadline for submitting proposals for minisymposia is 31.01.2019. Submitted proposals will be considered by the program committee shortly after the deadline. The decision will be based on the scientific quality and the up-to-dateness of the proposed topics.