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Week 3 MRC summer conference: Explicit Methods in Arithmetic Geometry in Characteristic p

16th June 2019   -   22nd June 2019
Rhode Island, United States


The MRC summer conferences are the centerpiece of the AMS Mathematics Research Communities program, which provides early-career mathematicians and other mathematical scientists (2 years pre-PhD to five years post-PhD) opportunities for collaborative research with leaders and peers in their area and professional development and networking in the wider community of researchers. This conference is the third of three in 2019. From the organizers: "The focus of this MRC will be on problems in arithmetic geometry over fields of positive characteristic p that are amenable to an explicit approach, including the construction of examples, as well as computational exploration. ... To reflect the inherent interdisciplinary nature of arithmetic geometry, we invite early-career mathematicians with a wide range of backgrounds in number theory, algebraic geometry, and other subjects that intersect these fruitfully, such as dynamics and commutative algebra."