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SBE16-Thessaloniki. Sustainable Synergies from Buildings to the Urban Scale

17th October 2016 - 19th October 2016
Thessaloniki, Greece


SBE16 Thessaloniki “Sustainable Synergies from Buildings to the Urban Scale” will be an International/Regional/National, full-paper peer-reviewed conference with focus on different aspects of sustainability. The objective of this conference is to address a large palette of issues related to sustainability in the built environment; topics referring to both technical and socio-economic issues, ranging from building materials scale to the urban scale and exploring the synergies among the main axes of sustainability in the building sector will be dealt with. In this context, not only will parameters of each issue be addressed, but also the interrelations among the various dimensions examined are expected to be investigated, which is increasingly important towards a holistic approach to the application of sustainability principles in the built environment.

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