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ICOSDA 2019 — The 3rd International Conference on Statistical Distributions and Applications

10th October 2019   -   12th October 2019
Grand Rapids, United States


The scopes of the conference include, but not limited to A. Statistical distributions in the era of big data · The methodological research on distributions in modern techniques for analyzing big data, · The applications of distributions for analyzing big data, · Discussion papers on the pros/cons of the roles of distributions for analyzing big data. B. Statistical distributions (univariate, multivariate, continuous and discrete) and applications · Methodologies for generating new distributions · Properties and applications of generalized distributions · Statistical inferences, parameter estimation, goodness of fit, etc. C. Statistical modeling · Modeling techniques using generalized distributions, · Predictive modeling for big data, · Survival and reliability modeling using generalized distributions, · Techniques of estimation and model selection. D. High dimensional data analysis · Dimension reduction, · Visualization, · Techniques of modeling high dimensional data. E. Bayesian Statistics · Bayesian priors using generalized distributions, · Bayesian estimation techniques for generalized distributions, · Bayesian techniques for statistical modeling.