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Course — MCNP6® Introduction

1st April 2019   -   5th April 2019
Paris, France


Introductory classes are for those who have little or no experience with MCNP. This class surveys the features of MCNP so the beginning user will be introduced to the capabilities of the program, and will have hands-on experience at running the code to solve simple problems. Course topics include Basic Geometry, Source Definitions, Output (Tallies), Advanced Geometry (repeated structures specification), Variance Reduction Techniques, Statistical Analysis, Criticality, Plotting of Geometry and Tallies, and Neutron / Photon / Electron Physics. This 5-day introductory class is for people who have never used MCNP6 or have very limited experience with the code and will include interactive computer sessions. Time will be available to discuss individual questions and problems with MCNP experts or to pursue in more detail topics mentioned in the talks.