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Thematic School of Numerical Simulation

8th July 2019   -   12th July 2019
CIRM Luminy, France


The recent results of Green and Tao on the existence of arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions of prime numbers have showed the strength of the interactions between combinatorics, number theory and dynamical systems. Other advances, like the results of Bourgain, Green, Tao, Sarnak and Ziegler on the randomness principle for the Möbius function, the resolution of the Gelfond conjectures concerning the sum of digits of prime and square numbers, as well as those of Golston, Pintz and Yildirim and then Zhang and Maynard on small gaps between primes, the recent results of Pintz on the existence of arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions of generalized twin prime numbers show the vitality of this domain of research. The difficulty of the transition from the representation of an integer in a number system to its multiplicative representation (as a product of prime factors) is at the source of many important open problems in mathematics and computer science. The conference will be devoted to the study of independence between the multiplicative properties of integers and various ”deterministic” functions, i. e. functions produced by a dynamical system of zero entropy or defined using a simple algorithm. This area is developing very fast at international level and the conference will be an opportunity to help to develop techniques that were recently introduced to study of relations between prime numbers, polynomial sequences and finite automata, the study of the pseudorandom properties of certain arithmetic sequences and the search of prime numbers in deterministic sequences. This goal is related to several recent works by Bourgain, Green, Sarnak, Tao and others concerning the orthogonality of the Möbius function with deterministic sequences and obtaining prime number theorems for these sequences.