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High Voltage Conference

6th October 2015 - 8th October 2015
Perth, Australia


This conference will be of special interest to the electrical engineering community of Australia, as regulators are demanding continual improvement in design and safety outcomes in this area. This conference will cover the AS 2067-2008 HV standard which provides minimum requirements for the design and installation of high voltages above 1kV (ac) so as to provide safe functioning in operation. The HV installation can range from a substation, auxiliary systems, interconnecting cables/lines and naturally the user’s facilities such a plant, factory, office facility and mine site. Equipment includes switchgear, transformers, converters, cables, lines, batteries, earthing systems, capacitors, reactors, buildings and structures. Although not necessarily explicitly part of the standard, users of equipment from a marine environment (ships/offshore installations) and equipment covered by other Australian (or IEC) standards will find the forum of use. In addition to HV design and installation, HV maintenance is a challenging undertaking and the Australian industry needs to have the sustainability and reliability of ageing HV equipment at the forefront of their minds when planning and designing their upcoming projects. The conference will discuss problems that arise from HV equipment maintenance and how industry can overcome these issues through well planned maintenance programs, adherence to standards/regulations and forward thinking.

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