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Stellar Hydro Days V

24th June 2019   -   24th June 2019
Exeter, United Kingdom


This workshop follows previous Stellar Hydro Days workshops (Los Alamos 2005, 2006; Santa Fe 2012: Victoria B.C. 2017). It is devoted to the the study and numerical description of (magneto-)hydrodynamic processes characterising stellar interiors and evolution. Major developments in computational methods and high performance computing enable huge progress in the multi-dimensional description of complex processes (e.g turbulence, convection, mixing, transport of angular momentum) which play key roles in stars from early phases to advanced stages of evolution. The main goal of the workshop is to review recent progress in stellar hydrodynamics simulations of convection. We will discuss the challenges and best strategies of capturing results from multi-dimensional simulations for application in 1D models and the links between multi-D numerical simulation and observations.