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Modeling Meerkats: Comparing galaxy formation simulations to MeerKAT surveys

17th July 2019   -   17th July 2019
Kruger Park, South Africa


The MeerKAT radio telescope is now online, and Large Survey Projects LADUMA, MIGHTEE, MHONGOOSE, MALS, and FORNAX are planned that will revolutionise the radio view of the extragalactic universe. The time is right to jump-start close collaborations between forthcoming MeerKAT surveys and state-of-the-art cosmological simulations of galaxy formation and intergalactic medium evolution. This small hands-on workshop aims to bring together observers and theorists from the South African and international communities, in order to map out detailed plans to conduct model/data comparisons that will test the latest models for galaxy evolution in the relatively unexplored radio domain, provide a cosmological and astrophysical context for interpreting preliminary and upcoming MeerKAT data, and help design complementary multi-wavelength programs to elucidate the physics that drives the radio properties of galaxies and cosmic structures. Modeling MeerKATs will be held at the popular Protea Hotel Kruger Gate, a 4-star hotel and conference centre at the entrance to Kruger Park, one of the premier game reserves in the world featuring South Africa-s famous Big Five.