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Physics of Stars and Planets: Atmospheres, Activity, Magnetic fields

16th September 2019   -   16th September 2019
Shamakhy, Azerbaijan


We are pleased to announce the international scientific conference "Physics of Stars and Planets: Atmosphere, Activity, Magnetic Fields", which is planned to hold at the Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory named after N.Tusi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ShAO ANAS) in September 16-20, 2019. Achievements in many areas of astrophysics over the past two decades have changed our understanding of the Universe, and in particular, about the composition of its substance. On the one hand, this is due to the use of new methods of observation, the development of new radiation detectors operating in different ranges of electromagnetic radiation. On the other hand, a significant progress has been made in the development of theoretical astrophysics and particularly, in the study of stars and their atmospheres. Significant progress has been made in the study of stars and their atmospheres. In this direction, new characteristics of the interaction of radiation and matter were studied. In addition, physicists and astrophysicists have achieved high accuracy in determining the important atomic parameters that determine the radiation of stars, both in the continuum spectrum and in the lines. The discovery of more than 5000 exoplanets is one of the greatest revolutions in modern astrophysics. Twenty years ago, we only assumed the existence of extrasolar planets. A large variety of extrasolar planets has been revealed: hot planets similar to Jupiter, which slide on the surfaces of their stars, cold and lonely, freely floating planets far from any star, super-Earthes and even planets orbiting at the neutron stars. These studies have fundamentally changed our understanding of the formation of planetary systems, which are completely different from ours. The noted major areas of research were taken into account when we prepared up the subject of this conference. In addition, the subject of the conference is largely determined by the research in the field of astrophysics, which is carried out in the ShAO of ANAS. It is also necessary to discuss the unresolved problems of modelling stars due to discrepancies between theory and observations, physics issues necessary for describing the structure of atmospheres (convection, rotation, magnetic fields, etc.) and evolution (from birth to the end of life), consideration of interaction with environment (winds, flares, magnetic fields, etc.).The main objective of the conference is to present the results of researches in certain areas of modern stellar and planetary astrophysics carried on in Azerbaijan, and the exchange of scientific information between scientists of Azerbaijan and foreign countries. The conference will include plenary sessions, at which review reports of leading scientists on the subject of the conference will be presented. The original results obtained by well-known scientists and young scientists from different countries on the physics of stars and planets will be presented during the conference sessions. The conference will provide opportunities for young scientists to talk about the results of their researches. One of the important tasks of the conference will be establishing contacts between scientists from various astronomical institutions for organizing joint research projects in the future.