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Crete III - Through dark lanes to new stars - Celebrating the career of Prof. Charles Lada

23rd September 2019   -   23rd September 2019
Crete, Greece


The Crete NATO Advanced Study Institutes on Star Formation in 1990 and 1998, organized by Charles Lada and Nick Kylafis, were a landmark in the development of the star and planet formation community. Many of the attendants of these schools are now well-established researchers across the world, pushing the boundaries of the field forward with a new generation of telescopes and simulations. The Crete III conference, to be organized in Crete in September 2019, will be a celebration of star formation research, its community, and in particular, the career of Prof. Charles Lada and its impact on the field. The program will cover research on: • Molecular clouds • Dense cores • Disks and outflows • YSO classification • Embedded clusters • Star formation rates and efficiencies in the Milky Way and beyond Looking forward to seeing you in Crete!