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EMBO Workshop — The physics and chemistry of endocytosis at multiple scales

1st January 2019   -   6th September 2019
Ischia, Italy


The field of endocytosis and by extension the field of membrane traffic, has been one of the leading fields of biology in developing strong interdisciplinary approaches. Knowledge from physics of membranes and cytoskeleton, chemistry of lipids and models from statistical mechanics have been rapidly integrated to the field. For example, the formation of lipid clusters, also known as “rafts” has been postulated in the 80s based on the physical properties of lipids observed in vitro. The field has also strongly beneficiated from the development of in vitro approaches, trying to reconstitute in vitro steps of processes observed in biological processes, and also from molecules coming from chemistry. Thus, while the field of endocytosis has been leading the quantitative life sciences revolution, no meeting has specifically reviewed the discoveries made in endocytosis gathered through this revolution. This EMBO Workshop will aim at doing so, and provide future directions of research while using the tools of the quantitative revolution. This workshop will thus be essential to show the community the global impact of quantitative tools on the endocytosis field, but also to stimulate researchers to undergo studies using this revolutionary strategy.