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EMBO Workshop — Molecular mechanisms of unconventional protein secretion in eukaryotic cells

16th September 2019   -   18th September 2019
Assisi, Italy


The trafficking of proteins to the extracellular space and the plasma membrane is known to be mediated by the endoplasmic reticulum to Golgi classical secretory pathway. However, an increasing number of cytoplasmic proteins are also delivered to the extracellular milieu in a manner that is independent of this classical route. Recent studies have revealed a number of pathways sustaining the Unconventional Protein Secretion (UPS) and those are being defined molecularly. The meeting “Unconventional protein secretion in eukaryotic cells” will serve at least three distinct functions: Exposing the UPS field to the life science community and highlighting its connection to broader biology and medicine. Assessing the extent of the community representing this emerging field, and structuring its evolving conceptual framework. Presenting the latest molecular pathways (and substrates) that have been discovered. This is a key feature of the meeting to gain these molecular insights and to present its relationship to the classical secretory pathway. We plan a focused 3-day EMBO Workshop that is meant to become the foundation for the growing UPS community dedicated to elucidating the molecular mechanisms behind it. This in turn will have a big impact on the physiological and pathological processes that are driven by unconventionally secreted proteins.