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Infometrix General Chemometrics Training Course

29th May 2019   -   31st May 2019
Bothell, United States


This three-day session specializes in hands on training in chemometrics. The course covers topics such as data collection for multivariate analysis, model optimization and model building, classification, regression and data exploration techniques. At the end of the course, attendees will be able to: 1). Understand the need for exploratory data analysis, 2). Organize data for pre-processing, visualization and feasibility for various modeling algorithms, 2a).Discover similarities or groupings, 2b). Construct predictive models, 2c). Deconvolve complex mixtures, 2d). Categorize unknown samples, 2e). Predict physical properties, 3). Grasp importance of issues in multivariate analysis: data scaling, overfitting, outlier diagnostics, transfer of calibration, etc. and 4). Achieve effective multivariate calibration. Methods and tools for on-line, process, routine and automated chemometrics are also introduced to the attendee. Hands on experience and demonstrations are provided for our Pirouette and InStep software packages. For the three day course we offer the standard training package or the enhanced training package which includes a copy of the Pirouette software at value pricing. Register now to reserve your spot.