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Thermochemische Konversion – Schlüsselbaustein für zukünftige Energie- und Rohstoffsysteme

23rd May 2019   -   24th May 2019
Dresden-Neustadt, Germany


Under the theme "Thermo-chemical conversion - key building block for future energy and raw material supply", the Department of Coal and Biomass Processing of the DGMK will hold its thirteenth conference in Dresden (formerly "Conversion of Biomass and Coals"). Thermochemical conversion processes are often at the beginning of process chains for the energetic and material use of carbonaceous energy resources. The focus is increasingly on material recovery paths that place special demands on the starting materials and conversion products. Both primary carbon carriers such as biomass and coal as well as secondary carbon carriers in the form of residues or waste are used. The conference will focus on innovative processes and / or processes and systems for the use of these energy raw materials, in particular by thermochemical conversion techniques and the use of the products obtained in energetic and material sequential processes.