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Third Borehole Geology Workshop

14th October 2019   -   17th October 2019
Muscat, Oman


Borehole data are fundamental in all types of studies aimed to measure and describe, understand and eventually predict the geology in the subsurface. Together with core borehole images are currently the only data that can provide us a high-resolution view of the actual rock and its features in the borehole. The integration of core and borehole images with a wide range of other data types such as physicochemical measurements,conventional logging data, cuttings analysis as well as rock and fluid samples allow us to achieve a holistic and detailed understanding of the subsurface features, properties and heterogeneities at various scales to address a wide range of challenges. In the last years, driven by technological and economic changes, borehole images as well as other borehole-based techniques are being applied in a wider range of subsurface characterisation studies; these span from hydrocarbon reservoir studies and operations throughout the E&P cycle to applications in environmental impact and mineral resource,and in alternative energy sources. In this perspective the need for multidisciplinary integration and cross-discipline collaboration is stronger than ever. This workshop aims to promote discussion and knowledge sharing on the different aspects of borehole geology and on its related technological innovations, hydrocarbon reservoir and field studies, best practices, integrated approaches and applications in new fields. The workshop will also be a ground for triggering collaboration amongst borehole geologists and professionals of other subsurface disciplines.