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ESD Association Seminar

11th November 2015 - 13th November 2015
Munich, Germany


This two-day seminar consists of concentrated versions of twelve ESDA •SPICE-Based ESD Protection Design Utilizing Diodes and Active MOSFET Rail •ESD On-Chip Protection in Advanced Technologies tutorials which comprise the ESDA Device Design Certification Program. Clamp Circuits •Impact of Technology Scaling on ESD High Current Phenomena and Implications for Robust ESD Design •Device Testing--IC Component Level: HBM, CDM, MM, and TLP •Troubleshooting On-Chip ESD Failures •Circuit Modeling and Simulation for On-Chip Protection •Latch-up Physics and Design •Charged Device Model Phenomena and Design •On-Chip ESD Protection in RF Technologies •EOS/ESD Failure Models and Mechanisms •Transmission Line Pulse Measurements: Parametric Analyzer for ESD On-Chip Protection •System Level ESD/EMI: Testing to IEC and other Standards

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