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Keystone Symposia: Delivering Therapeutics Across Biological Barriers

6th May 2019   -   9th May 2019
Dublin, Ireland


ScThis is the first Keystone conference devoted to the topic of drug delivery. The multi-disciplinary theme of crossing of biological barriers encompasses biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical formulation, polymeric and materials science, advanced cell biology, imaging, microfluidics, and drug-device combination research. The conference is at the interface between cell biology and the use of technologies to exploit such understanding in order to translate therapies to patients. The program comprises leading researchers from academia, institutes, as well as from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The goal of the meeting is to profile cutting edge research in specific areas of achieving drug delivery across biological barriers where a large translational impact would result for both industry and patients. Having cell biologists at the same delivery conference as technology developers and formulators will provide a thorough perspective on the tissue and cell barriers that must be crossed and this will help guide technology approaches to achieve that.