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Training — Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking for Industry

2nd December 2015 - 3rd December 2015
Midrand, South Africa


The internet has made a substantial impact on the way we do business, as well as the plant and factory environment. One of the great protocols inherited from the internet is TCP/IP, which is used by most present-day automation and process control systems. SCADA systems, Programmable Logic Controllers and even low level instruments are using TCP/IP and Ethernet to transfer information. TCP/IP and Ethernet are truly open standards, available to competing manufacturers and providing the user with a common standard at low cost. This workshop covers the main aspects of TCP/IP and Ethernet in detail, including the practical implementation of TCP/IP in computer and industrial areas and the practical use of the internet and intranets. You will learn to troubleshoot and maintain TCP/IP networks and communication systems in an office and industrial environment. The workshop is designed to give you a superb fundamental grounding in TCP/IP and the internet, as it is applied to industrial automation and process control. The objective is to provide a useful and practical toolbox of skills that can be applied immediately to your plant or facility.

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