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Cultivating Healthy Food Systems

21st May 2019   -   23rd May 2019
Edinburgh, United Kingdom


You are invited to offer papers or posters for a 3-day meeting, connecting with global food experts to examine drivers of dietary and agricultural practice and opportunities for change. This conference will discuss parallels between what is considered a healthy diet and the sustainable practice of food production and consumption. Day 1 will focus on current agri-food practice on a global scale, but with implications for local economies. It will explore current eating habits and how they relate to retailing, processing and farming. Idealised food systems is the topic for Day 2, discussing what we hope to achieve and how we realistically move towards better practice. Day 3 will explore current policy-driven approaches to achieving change. It will explore the role and scope of policies and research needed to underpin initiatives across the food supply chain and identify multidisciplinary approaches to achieving these objectives.