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ICMAP — International Conference on Microwave and Photonics

11th December 2015 - 13th December 2015
Dhanbad, India


Over the last few decades there have been remarkable advances in the field of microwave wireless communication which are widely being used in voice and data communication in our daily life. Photonics plays an important role in such networks for the backhaul network connecting the wireless routers. So, there is a correlation between Microwave and Photonics and the new field came into existence is Microwave Photonics, which studies the interaction between microwave and light wave for applications in communication, sensor networks, radar, warfare systems, and so on. Moreover, there has been an explosion of new interest in the frequency regime of submillimeter-wave and THz bands (300 GHz – 10 THz), mainly coming from those approaching the THz performance gap from the optical end of the electromagnetic spectrum

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