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12th International INSHS Christmas Sports Scientific Conference

5th December 2019   -   7th December 2019
Szombathely, Hungary


„It is 19 years since a group of us retired to a restaurant in Opatija in Croatia, to bemoan the lack of presentation skills and research methods knowledge in the current crop of postgraduate students. We had just attended a Research Methods session in the “Kinesiology” Conference hosted, by the University of Zagreb, and were all surprised by the poor levels of performance by the attending presenters. Fortunately, in the group was Henriette, the last true action person, who decided to tackle the problem. Here we are now – back in Szombathely for the 12nd time to implement the Concept of knowledge and experience through ‘doing’ – to learn about the pitfalls of presenting scientific material by actually doing it at an international Conference and receiving positive feedback after the experience. All these Conferences have been aimed at giving young researchers the positive experience of addressing an international audience and in the process perhaps gaining a publication. The way that Henriette has integrated the Conference into the start of the Christmas season has become a huge bonus and a blessing. In the last 11years we have staged over 1000 presentations in all disciplines of sport science, and of these, over 600 have resulted in publications in books or journals. These are looked upon as useful additions to developing CV’s. The Xmas Conference is now the main conference of INSHS, our international network. Despite the success and tradition established, we are entering new phases and are ready (eager?) to embrace new ideas and technologies. We have already established e-posters as acceptable, and are exploring other forms of e-presentations through our rapidly developing website. Currently we are sponsored by SPN, our own website, and Pressenger, a communications application, but are looking for more to welcome into our community. Enough waffle, enjoy yourself in Szombathely, enjoy your presentation, appreciate the efforts of others in theirs and, most of all, have a great Christmas.