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Automorphic p-adic L-functions and regulators

14th October 2019   -   18th October 2019
University of Lille, Lille, France


The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of recent developments in theory of p-adic L-functions associated to automorphic representations, covering both the construction of p-adic L-functions, and their relations to Euler systems in Galois cohomology via regulator maps. The workshop will consist of mini-courses, aimed at younger researchers, and more specialised individual lectures. There will be three mini-courses, each consisting of four lectures, on the following topics: Construction of p-adic L-functions for automorphic forms on GL(2n), using the automorphic modular symbols introduced in work of Dimitrov Construction of p-adic L-functions for GSp(4), using Pilloni’s higher Hida theory Evalulation of global cohomology classes under the syntomic regulator, using the methods of Darmon—Rotger. The other talks will explore connections of these topics with other related areas of current research, such as Iwasawa theory, the theory of Hecke varieties and the theory of L-invariants.