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Day of Photonics

18th October 2015 - 22nd October 2015
Brussels, Belgium


DAY OF PHOTONICS is an annual event that promotes “photonics” towards the general public. Companies, research organizations, and organizations involved in photonics will reach out to their communities to raise awareness about what is photonics and why it is important, and promote the role of their organization in the photonics ecosystem and value chain. Activities will be held over numerous countries and encompass all kinds of demonstrations on the impact of photonics on our day-to-day life, and the role of companies, research organizations and universities. Most events are on a small scale organized within the company, but flagship events will complement and media will be invited to spread the word about this emerging key enabling technology that will ultimately have the same impact on society as the electronics industry. Every company, university, school, association, organization is invited to participate and organize an activity!

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